FileCatalyst: What does it do (part 2)

Unlimi-Tech’s FileCatalyst technology addresses the primary roadblock to large scale, smooth, and efficient transfer of data through the medium of the internet: network latency. Network latency can be likened to a kink or bottleneck in a garden hose. A garden hose is a conduit for water, larger quantities than reasonably possible with a singular cup […]

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FileCatalyst: What does it do (part 1)

I am often asked to frame or succinctly explain the purpose and function of Unlimi-Tech software. Over the years, I have amassed a number of go-to analogies that I have found to effectively convey these concepts to anyone interested in understanding our service and product. I find myself recurrently reaching to this handful of analogies […]

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Introducing FileCatalyst TransferAgent

If you have been keeping up with FileCatalyst, you may have already heard of our latest product, FileCatalyst TransferAgent. Officially released yesterday, TransferAgent introduces a new way to harness the power of FileCatalyst. That last phrase should be read with a booming echoing voice, by the way. Our formal introduction of the product was during […]

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Dev’s Corner: Java 8 and the FileCatalyst API

The following article is a bit on the technical side. It is exploring an example of how our current client API meshes with Java 8. It is meant for our customers who integrate our API within their software. I am expecting the reader to be familiar with the Java language. So after much anticipation, Java […]

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Taking a Look Back

 We were recently notified that we were selected for a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award for Secure and Accelerated File Transfer. I have to say, I never expected this when John Tkaczewski and I started creating FTP software almost 15 years ago. Winning this award validates years of work we put into this software, and […]

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File sharing services continue to cause security headaches

A recent article from SC Magazine titled “File sharing programs cause data leaks, security headaches” continues to underline the ongoing struggle that businesses have with daily file sharing. The interesting statistic in this article is the divide between the upper management (VP or higher) and the employees of these businesses. Only 25% of employees trust […]

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The effect of digital technology adoption in the oil and gas industry

A recent article by CIO UK points out how digital technology is rising exponentially in the oil and gas sector. From seismic imaging to e-learning, 80% of senior executives in the industry believe digital advancements have revolutionized how they work. The remaining 20% believe digital technology has had a tangible impact. No matter who you […]

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Making the transition easy

When considering a replacement for your FTP Solution, there are a lot of questions you or your team may have. Some answers to those questions are easy, some may take some digging, and some you won't know the answer to until later on. Recently I came about a blog that encouraged people who are considering […]

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Flexibility in your Front-End API

When working on a new project and making API design and architecture decisions, the guiding principle for all decisions should really be: How will customers use it? As a developer working primarily on the front end of things, I'm interested in answering this question for developing an API to create browser-based UI. We have all […]

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A Corporate Cloud-Based Large File Attachment Solution

Looking for a corporate cloud-based large file attachment solution? With file sizes growing and email servers still having file size restrictions, companies are in desperate need of a solution. The options most companies have are: free or paid online service hosted by a third party, in-house file transfer mechanism, or self-hosted solution on the cloud. […]

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