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It is rare that a game is developed from beginning to end strictly in-house. Even if your shop has both development and media creation resources, you will inevitably be sending large files across the country or around the world. At each phase leading up to official release, the hours of time recovered by using FileCatalyst will go directly toward meeting milestones.


High-Definition video, animation sequences, soundtrack and voice audio... if the game you are developing uses any sort of rich media, you will be shuttling large files to and from diverse locations. Files in uncompressed formats are even larger. With FileCatalyst, sending large files is no longer a source of dread.

Testing and Localization

At some point, testers and translators will need a copy of your game. Why suffer with slow FTP or expensive couriers when you can maintain your timelines, get feedback fast, and deliver up-to-the-minute builds with FileCatalyst. For localization, you could just send your language file without the game itself; after all, text files are tiny. But think of how many games are accidentally hilarious due to literal mistranslations done outside the context of the game itself.With FileCatalyst's delta transfer functionality, disc images and binaries are sent in their entirety just once. After that, only the changes are transferred.These “deltas” are a tiny fraction of the original size for incredibly fast delivery.

Distribution and Delivery

Whether you are providing down-loadable products or sending disc images to a reproduction facility, you don't want to rely on FTP or HTTP. FileCatalyst makes it easy to create a seamless end-user experience, removing technical obstacles that might otherwise scare people away from the file transfer process. For example, FileCatalyst Java applets allow you to add accelerated transfers to your web portal—end users need only a browser! Use the FileCatalyst Client API to make a custom application that becomes part of the game's installer. Or set up a HotFolder for automated transfers and bandwidth management.

FileCatalyst in Action

The Gaming industry has a need to move large amounts of data for audio, video and content collaboration. Here are some organizations using FileCatalyst to accelerate file transfers through their workflow:

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