FileCatalyst SDK Portfolio

File transfers were susceptible to network impairments, especially when transferring overseas. With minimal effort, we were able to plug in FileCatalyst.
The performance gains were immediate.

FileCatalyst provides many options for integration into 3rd party applications and workflows. Originally based on a Java API, our SDK now boasts a full range of components for a variety of development languages and environments.

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Component Technology FileCatalyst Product
Client API Java, C++*, iOS*, Android*, .NET* Direct, Workflow, Webmail
Remote Server Management API Java Direct
Java Applets, JavaScript API Any recent web browser with the Java Plug-in Direct
Web Services SOAP Wrapper for Java Direct
Remote Administration REST Direct, Workflow
CLI / Shell Scripting Command Line* Direct, Workflow, Webmail

*Transfer to and from Workflow and Webmail File Areas only.

The Development Kit is by necessity an extension of existing products; if you own any qualifying products, the Development Kit may be licensed as an add-on. For standalone development, the SDK is typically added on to FileCatalyst Direct; however, some components are designed to interact with FileCatalyst web applications.

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Download accompanying example source code here

Client API

Our well-documented API gives access to every method needed to establish a connection to a FileCatalyst Server for accelerated file transfers. With a few short lines of code, you can be underway. Default values are used for most functions, with a full range of method calls allowing you to access advanced features.

The Client API also allows you to programmatically submit jobs and files to FileCatalyst Workflow or Webmail.

See Simple Java Sample

See Advanced Java Sample (using observables)

Server API

The Server API exposes every method needed to manage users and request session information on the FileCatalyst Server.

See a Server API sample (Java)

Mobile APIs

Easily create fast file transfer for Apple iOS and Google Android. FileCatalyst provides a native Objective-C API for iOS and a Java API for Android Dalvik. Additionally, our Java and REST web service APIs will function just as well for the mobile web.

Built using the mobile API, our FileCatalyst app is now available for Android and iOS.

See Objective-C Sample

For Dalvik code, please see the Client API sample.

Java Applets / JavaScript API

FileCatalyst applets are based on nearly a decade of experience in enabling browser-based file transfer. Web developers can easily embed the applet with a simple <script> tag, and configured with a Javascript file. Use the dynamic language of your choice (PHP, Javascript, ASP) to configure the applets on-demand, or control the upload or download applet with our Javascript API.

See JavaScript/HTML Snippet

Web Services API

The SOAP API for FileCatalyst Direct sits on top of the Java API, providing a Web Services interface to initiate, control and monitor FileCatalyst transfers. You can use the Web Services if you develop in a language other than Java, or for integration into SOA-based applications.

  • full support for WS-Eventing (server polling is unecessary)
  • transfer files from one FileCatalyst Server to another
  • 3 installation options: standalone, in a servlet container, or on a J2EE server


A RESTful API for FileCatalyst Workflow exposes a number of management functions through the web. These include:

  • Add/Edit/Delete Users
  • Add/Edit/Delete Groups
  • Add/Edit/Delete Order forms
  • Add/Edit/Delete FTP Sites
  • List Job Fields

.NET Wrapper

The .NET wrapper offers transparent and thread-safe access to the FileCatalyst command-line in .NET. One potential application is to use FileCatalyst technology to develop within the Microsoft development framework. The .NET wrapper requires an official Java runtime and FileCatalyst CLI.

See .NET Sample

Command Line Interface

Using the CLI, access FileCatalyst functionality through virtually any scripting language, or from many other programming languages. Any tool able to output to the command line can be used to trigger FileCatalyst file transfers.

C++ Native Client Library

FileCatalyst products are built using Java as the main programming language. This has always allowed us to keep a centralized code base and be compatible across multiple platforms and browsers (via Java Applet Plugin). 95% of systems (desktop/laptop/servers) found on the market today, including Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Solaris, and AIX, can utilize our existing software.

However, there are certain systems where Java is not available. In many set top boxes and embedded systems (network appliance, gaming consoles), Java is not installed or available. This ecosystem was unable to take advantage of our solutions.

In light of this, we have developed a C++ client solution. Available as both a native C++ API or as a native command-line executable (.exe for Windows, 32 or 64-bit binary for Linux), our FileCatalyst C++ client will allow file transfer acceleration on systems that do not have Java installed.

See C++ Sample

We have currently ported the library to the following platforms:

  • Linux 32 bit
  • Linux 64-bit
  • Windows 32-bit
  • Windows 64-bit

If you require a port to a specific platform, contact us with the details.

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