FileCatalyst Direct

Before FileCatalyst, our file transfers used to take 1–2 days. Now they are done in hours. No other products we tested came close.

—Jake Salgado, Director of IT, SEGA of America

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At a Glance

FileCatalyst Direct is our point-to-point file transfer solution. In a nutshell, this means that features are available by installing the FileCatalyst Server and one of our client-side options. Because FileCatalyst is at both endpoints, we can provide a superior file transfer experience. As well as being a standalone product, FileCatalyst Direct can be seamlessly integrated within an existing FileCatalyst Webmail or FileCatalyst Workflow solution.

Filecatalyst Direct Scenario

FileCatalyst Server

The centerpiece of FileCatalyst Direct, the server enables acceleration and acts as the point of management for users and their files. Here's some of what it provides:

  • UDP-based acceleration up-to 10Gbps provides fast file transfers hundreds times faster than FTP!
  • Support for standard TCP based protocols: FTP, FTPS, SFTP and HTTP
  • 256-bit encryption using industry-standards: SSL for control channel and AES for data
  • Ability to view and control all active user sessions
  • Fine-grain controls of bandwidth either per user or on active sessions
  • Users and Groups management with integration to OpenLDAP/ActiveDirectory/PAM
  • Email notifications for all successful and/or failed transfers
  • “Guaranteed Delivery” verification of transferred files using MD5
  • Remote administration via desktop or web-applet or FileCatalyst Central
  • Virtual Folders - allow users access to any required directories, while maintaining tight security
  • Post transfer task execution
  • Optional monitoring and reporting add-on using FileCatalyst Central - alerts via SNMP, email, or visual display on a web based dashboard.
  • Optional forward proxy for DMZ deployments

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Client Options

The client options allow your organization to provide almost any sort of file transfer experience to your end-users:

  • HotFolder automation and scheduling of file transfer tasks
  • Express Client is a simple two-pane transfer tool for users familiar with other FTP clients.
  • TransferAgent provides an HTML5-based application for initiating and managing transfers within the browser, while handing off the transfers themselves to a powerful desktop application.
  • Java Applets enable accelerated transfer within a web browser, meaning zero installation for end users.
  • Command-Line Interface provides a way to create or replace transfer scripts while enabling FileCatalyst acceleration.
  • Development Kit (SDK) allows you to build a custom solution, or integrate FileCatalyst within an existing applications. Mobile APIs are also available.
  • FileCatalyst Upload is a mobile app for iOS and Android devices allowing fast and easy uploads to a FileCatalyst Server.

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